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What is the first thing that springs to mind when I say, “cider drinker”? A West Country lad, propped up on a bale of hay swigging from a jug of scrumpy?

The South West arguably do cider festivals pretty darn well – sometimes combining them with the harvest-homes, where you might stumble across country cider-drinking legends The Wurzels kicking up the corn. But there’s more to cider festivals than hay barns and hog roasts.   

For a start, not all take place in the farm environment: you can sample your way through artisan ciders while strolling along beside the seaside at the likes of the Grand Pier Cider Festival; in historic grounds such as Nottingham Castle; in the midst of a national cycling centre as at the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival, or as part of a complete cider adventure, such as you find at the Welsh Cider Adventure (clue’s in the name). 

Cider-making is an ancient practice; in fact it is so old its methods of production are documented on one of the earliest known written records, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Nowadays drinkers can find the most eye-watering, face scrunching home brews to sweet and fruity perries at cider festivals across the country.  

Please note, only festivals from today's date are shown below.

Welsh Perry & Cider Festival

This four-day event will also include live music – you’re in for a spectacular weekend of drinking, dining and dancing, and you can even camp onsite should you wish to extend the merrymaking.



Roll up, roll up for Ashdown Farm’s aspara-tastic festival featuring live music, fresh food, country crafts, barrels of beer and barrels of laughs


Stratford-upon-Avon Beer & Cider Festival

Grab your tankard and quench your thirst with your choice of over 70 beers and 30 ciders and prepare for a weekend to remember.


Witcombe Cider Festival

Make time, and roll down to Witcombe this August Bank Holiday. Sorry about the cheesy pun.


The Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival

Little Apple festival is back with a vengeance this year, in a bigger and better form as The Little Orchard.


York Beer & Cider Festival

Bigger, better, boozier...


York Food and Drink Festival - Autumn

Don’t be a dork, head to York!


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