What To Expect When Visiting Your First Food Festival

When attending a food festival for the very first time, it’s easy to arrive and say to yourself “I’m going to eat EVERYTHING!”, but this is just a recipe for disaster. It’s difficult to know what to expect when visiting your first food festival – after all, it’s hardly like what you’d expect at a giant music festival. What’s the etiquette? What’s the atmosphere like? Stop worrying, because we have all of the information right here for you. Once you’ve packed your brochure and completed your ‘renew EHIC card’ form, these are the things to prepare yourself for.

Most Things Are Bought With Cash

In a digital age, the convenience of paying for items with your card and smartphone becomes the norm, however you’ll need to remember that food festivals usually consist of stands and gazebos in the countryside, so it’s hardly likely that they will have the facilities to accommodate for card or phone payment. As a result, it’s always worth coming equipped with cash, and more than you’d expect to spend. This way, you don’t have to miss out on any scrumptious cakes or bakes, and can simply pay for anything immediately. 

You’ll Want To Eat Everything Immediately

If you arrive at a food festival and find yourself wanting to visit every stall and consume every individual food item, you’re not the only one! Nevertheless, food festivals aren’t always the cheapest of excursions, so you’ll want to ensure that you can hold yourself back for a little while and instead inspect the stands before purchasing anything. To make the experience more seamless and bank-friendly, write a list of foods that are catching your eye, and then revise your list and choose the top few that are worth spending your money on.

They Last A Long Time

A food festival isn’t just an hour-long occasion – instead, it’s likely that you’ll be there all day. People often misjudge this factor a lot, and as a result find themselves feeling uncomfortable throughout the festival as they’re dressed inappropriately. While trainers are undeniably the most comfortable shoes to wear when on your feet for a long period of time, you’ll want to dress smartly, so opt for some flat shoes that aren’t going to cause you discomfort later on. We’d also suggest not wearing white, otherwise that stain is going to be visible all day.

You’ll Actually Need To Plan Your Day

Another thing that people often disregard is the need to actually plan your day and how you’ll spend it. As relaxing as it might be to walk around aimlessly and try all of the foods on offer, you’ll want to specifically pace yourself and ensure that you enjoy the food festival to the best of your ability. Most stalls are likely to be jumbled up, so you’ll want to plan your route tactfully for the best experience. For example, it’s no good rushing to the cupcake stall to discover moments later that there’s a meat stall next door with more foods you want to try – not the best combination for the food palate, eh?

Visiting a food festival for the first time is bound to provide you with an unforgettable experience, so all we have left to say is, enjoy it! Don’t count the calories, don’t ask the seller about nutritional information – simply enjoy yourself.



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