Waiakea Water to Launch Plastic Degradable Bottles this Year

A few years ago, investing in bottled water would have sounded like a failed venture. However, the value of the bottled water companies in the world is currently valued at $100 billion. It is nice to have a wide variety to choose from in the market when shopping.

The setback is that the water bottles companies have led to the degradation of the environment. The beauty that used to be on the beaches is no longer there at all; there are tonnes of bottles lying everywhere. You have to walk cautiously to avoid the annoying bottles.

Research shows that in 2017, the number of water bottles that were sold in the United States of America was 50 billion and only 12 billion bottles were recycled. It is clear that a majority of the individuals lack the discipline to dispose of the bottles in the right places. It is even more disturbing to note that the USA is not even in the list of the leading top five countries in degrading the environment through the water bottles.

The plastic bottles are a major hazard to the environment because they are inorganic and they take a thousand years before they decompose. The situation has rose concern among organizations like Glastonbury festival. The festival is planning on launching a wide campaign to ban the plastic water bottles. Emily Eavis mentioned that this process was going to take so much time and it involves many different individuals. The plan is set to be effective by 2019.

In 2014, Glastonbury gave an alternative to the plastic bottles. They introduced water kiosks that one would refill their water bottles at no cost. They also introduced steel stainless bottle on the market. In 2016, the leaders encouraged people to provide transport to help dispose litter and recycle water bottles to clean the environment. However, the cleanup is rated as the worst that was ever carried out in history because it took two weeks to clean up after the festival. The festival is on a break but will be taking place in 2019 and celebrating 50 years of its existence in 2020.

Meanwhile, the award-winning beverage, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has come up with a better solution that is to be effective this year. The company will be manufacturing fully degradable bottles to save the environment. The plastic bottles are to be added some additive that will see that they degrade 97% faster than the normal water bottle. This means that instead of the thousand years that the plastic bottles take before decomposing, they will take a maximum of 15 years. The bottles will also be 100% recyclable. The degradable water bottles will help save the environment in the long run.

Manuel Rendon, the TimePlast Creator, said that it took more than 1000 experiments to get the right polymer. He added that they were excited to have a chance to launch their product with Waiakea Company.

If we want the environment to get back to the state that it used to be, we need to support organizations like the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and Glastonbury Festival that see the future of the environment.


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