5 Amazing Pizza Festivals that Happen Around the World

Who doesn’t love to delve into the taste of yummy pizzas laden with veggies and other toppings? Everyone does! Right? With each passing day, the topmost pizza restaurants are coming up with delectable pizza varieties. Also, thanks to the exciting offers like Pizza Hut restaurant vouchers 2018, you can now buy the mouthwatering pizzas at an affordable rate.

However, if you think that eating pizzas is always about getting into the restaurants and taking a bite, you are wrong! There are multiple pizza festivals which take place around the world to entice the pizza lovers like you and me.

Here’s a list of the most remarkable ones.

Just have a look!

1.Chicago Pizza Festival

When it comes to the windy city of Chicago, pizzas seem to be a perfect match! This amazing city is a proud host of the famous Chicago pizza festival. When it comes to the main attraction of this pizza festival, delicious gourmet pizzas always steal the show. Moreover, this festival is not only about tasting a delicious pizza. Rather, you would be able to relish some of the most melodious genres of music. With the collaboration of the arts and crafts vendors featuring some unique collectibles, this pizza festival is simply one of a kind!

2. Napoli Pizza Village

Yes! It is one of the most astounding pizza festivals which takes place right at the birthplace of pizza, Napoli. If you pay a visit to the Napoli Pizza Village and you’re a die-hard pizza lover, you would certainly end up coming back with a happy face!

Do you know why? Well, thanks to the fact that you will be able to meet up some of the finest pizza experts from around the planet. Also, the festival is always delved with some fabulous live music and captivating Italian dances.

Moreover, the fun doesn’t end here! Apart from munching on some toothsome pieces of pizzas, you can even take part in a master class which will let you learn how to come up with an excellent Italian pizza. Well, I am talking about the World Pizza Maker Championship! You can take part in that to enjoy a new experience altogether.

3. LA Pizza Festival

If you come into some money, either by winning, or by saving your pennies, and fancy a trip to LA, be sure to time it with the LA Pizza Festival.

LA Pizza Festival is definitely not a single event. Rather, it is a series of special events occurring in the 15 states. Whether you are in New York, Chicago, or LA, you can taste masses of the most delicious pizzas through this festival. If you attend this festival, you would be able to take a bite of the best pizzas of each and every city.


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4. Leemore Pizza Festival

It is a California based pizza festival which serves its attendees with some of the most finger-licking pizza varieties. Also, the festival is a hub of many pizza decorating contests along with pizza relay race and of course last but not the least, the pizza eating competitions.

While incorporating the pizza workshops and exclusive representations of pizza chefs, Leemore Pizza Festival is certainly a wonderful one. Go, enjoy it!


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5. Boston Pizza Festival

It is a 2-days pizza event where you can eat almost all varieties of pizzas. Just what you need to do is pair the pizza that you love with the right booze. Also, there are a lot of games for you to explore. Don’t miss the pizza tossers over there. They are really amazing and to take a glimpse of the costume pizza which constantly walks around the festival is a unique experience.

Winding Up

So, these are some of the amazing pizza festivals which have always created a buzz among the pizza lovers who are present all around the world. If you have not attended any one of them, just book the tickets soon. You’ll certainly have an awesome experience.

Don't forget, most of the best pizza restaurants do deliver, so if you  decide to enjoy a pizza at home, whilst relaxing in front of the TV or playing some online games, then not to worry. 



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