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Travelling and food go hand-in-hand. One of the greatest joys of seeing the world is immersing oneself in a country’s culinary highlights. You can learn a lot about a place from the sorts of food they eat but it can often get a little overwhelming. A tourist may have little idea of where to go when it comes to matters of sustenance. Fortunately, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has some advice on that front:

“Ask yourself what any traveller should ask themselves when going anywhere for the first time: What do they do there that they inarguably do better than anybody else in the world?” Here are some cities which do just that.

New York City

Over eight million people live there but New York City is also the home of some fantastic food on earth. People from all over the world have moved to the Big Apple in the last few centuries, each bringing distinctive aspects to the melting pot of the city.

From half-metre pizza and dollar hotdogs to upmarket cosmopolitan eateries, New York has a full plethora of eateries on offer. New York delis are unlike any other on the planet and legendary names like Katz’s and Pastrami Queen both use centuries-old methods to feed their thousands of daily customers.


After a little research, it’s easy to see why the famed American food writer Bill Burford described Lyon as ‘the food capital of the world’ in an interview with The Guardian. With an elite array of chefs using some of the finest locally-sourced ingredients around, the sheer quality is jaw-dropping.

Lyon is the home of the Bouchon, a group of restaurants which specialise in French high cooking at reasonable prices. Known for their meat-heavy dishes, Lyonnais chefs use centuries-old styles and recipes which are still beloved today. Bon appétit.

Las Vegas

What does Las Vegas do better than every other city on earth? Excess. The Vegas buffet is the stuff of legend with dozens of restaurants and casinos offering an all-you-can-eat tour of the world.

But it’s not just about the buffet table. Las Vegas is so synonymous with food and casinos,even casino sites like Betway have compiled a list of some of the finest high-end restaurants which include Fine French eateries like Restaurant Guy Savoy as well as quality tourist hotspots like the Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere.

New Orleans

A diverse city produces a diverse style of food and New Orleans certainly does that. The distinctive blend of Creole, African, European and Native American flavours is what makes New Orleans food so unique.

The Big Easy is best known for the world-famous gumbo and other dishes like jambalaya and a type of fried seafood sandwich called the Po’ Boy. Indeed, seafood is a New Orleans staple with shrimps, fried oysters and lobster all a crucial part of the diet.


It may not be the go-to place for most food fans but many consider Peruvian food to be amongst the best on the planet. According to Bloomberg, the father of French cooking, George Auguste Escoffier once claimed that Peruvian cuisine was behind only French and Chinese.

That tradition continues today with restaurants in Lima regularly ranked amongst the world’s elite. Peruvian cuisine draws its influences from Asia, Europe and West Africa and heavily utilises seafood. Dishes such as ceviche are well-known and, according to foodie Chantal Martineau (Food Republic), ingredients like quinoa, root vegetables and even guinea pig are used readily.


No world food tour would be complete without a trip to Italy. From all sorts of the expected pasta and pizza to bread, cheese and wine, there are few places better than Rome.

In the mood for a meaty snack? Nothing beats porchetta, a herb-stuffed spit-roasted suckling pig which is best served with a tall, cold beer. The choice is broad considering the fact that there aren’t many things the Romans cook poorly. Just don’t drink cappuccino after 11:00 am.

San Sebastian

They just treat food differently in San Sebastian. The home of pinchos, a style of tapas served atop a slice of bread, San Sebastian is the food capital of Spain and amongst the world’s best places to grab a bite to eat.

Eating is a social act in Northern Spain with groups regularly flocking to local bars to eat their fill of skewered treats. Spanish ham, cheese, chorizo and seafood are just some of the most common toppings on offer to hungry visitors alongside tall glasses of wine and beer.


Known for Godzilla in the movies and for food there’s more to Tokyo than just sushi. From pork to Unagi and all things in between, Tokyo boasts fine food for all budgets. No city on earth has more Michelin Stars than the Japanese capital.

For a meat lover, there is no greater pleasure than a Wagyu steak but seafood is really the main event in Tokyo. Just stay clear of the Fugu if your name is Homer Simpson.


Like almost every other city on this list, Singaporean cuisine is an eclectic mix of flavours and ingredients from a variety of different cultures. People from China, Malaysia and India all call the city-state of Singapore their home which has directly contributed to the country’s unique culinary delights.

Eating is a national pastime for the Singaporean people as thousands flock to the famed hawker centres to sample the unending variety of street food. There also clear Western influences in what must be considered amongst the world’s top food hotspots.


This is an easy one. There is nowhere on the planet quite like Paris as far as food is concerned. The sights and smells of the Parisian boulangerie are things which everyone should experience but it’s not just pastry on offer.

Classical French cooking is almost unrivalled as far as quality is concerned with almost 150 Michelin Stars in the city. From cafes to wine bars and bistros, Paris is truly unique when it comes to food.


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