7 strange ways to experience coffee that have caught on

It’s easy to get stuck in your ways with coffee. Now we are not saying that you need to experiment every single day: it is fine to know what you like, but having the same skinny latte everyday will begin to get boring if you don’t expand your caffeine horizon after a while. The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to experience coffee that are beginning to grow in popularity around the world. Here are seven interesting ways for you to try coffee that are making in-roads in coffee culture.  

  1. Café Touba

Café Touba is a uniquely African coffee drinking experience that is beginning to gain popularity throughout the world. Originating in Senegal, the drink is a drip filter coffee that is flavoured with various spices – most notably grains of selim (also known as djar or Senegal pepper) and cloves. Always served without milk but with lots of sugar, it is highly spiced and very sweet which makes for a rather unusual flavour combination.

It is still most popular in West Africa, but the idea of black coffee with an intense sweet and spicy flavour is beginning to gain a following across the globe. 

  1. Plant milk revolution

When it comes to making delicious coffee it is natural that most of emphasis is placed on the beans, but for those coffees that add milk, this completely changes the dynamics and flavour. With that in mind it has been interesting to see the rise of veganism and a preference for plant-based milks over dairy milk.

Options like oat milk and almond milk are plant-based alternatives that are fantastic in coffee. They add a different dimension to the taste – unsurprisingly the overtones of nut – which have made plant milks a hit even amongst non-vegans. Most coffee shops offer at least one dairy-free milk, so why not give it a try in your next latte?

  1. Scandinavian egg coffee  

From a vegan option to a decidedly un-vegan option – Scandinavian egg coffee mixes raw egg with coffee grounds before they are brewed. The idea is that the egg removes much of the acidity and bitterness from the brew, resulting in a smooth and silky coffee. Popular (you might have guessed from the name) in Sweden and Norway, this method of brewing has begun popping up in the US and throughout Europe.

  1. Nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew might not sound especially appetising, but it’s simply the name given to cold brew coffees that have had nitrogen pumped into them. This provides the brew with a thicker, velvety mouthfeel and a lightly foamy head. It is similar to the process by which Guinness is made, if you are looking for a texture equivalent. With artisan coffee makers looking to perfect the nitro cold brew, this is one coffee trend that only looks set to grow.

  1. Proper packaging

Of course it is not always necessarily to look for new methods of brewing or strange additives to get a better coffee experience. Sometimes it’s just getting the basic stuff right that can seriously enhance the taste of your coffee. Packing manufacturer The Bag Broker is one of the businesses leading the revolution in better packaging for coffee.

Features like re-sealable zip locks help to ward off the oxidisation process, which is what can leave coffee tasting stale just a few days after opening. Customers are now beginning to request better packaging from sellers to keep their coffee fresher for longer.

  1. Vietnamese iced coffee

Known in Vietnam as ca phe sua da, this is a traditional drink in the country that mixes dark roasted coffee with sweet condensed milk. Extremely sweet, the drink is brewed using the French drip method which is then chilled with ice – the result is something very unlike any iced coffee you have tried anywhere else in the world. Other countries are catching on to this uniquely Vietnamese delicacy so you might be able to try one in your local coffee shop before you know it.

  1. Café Cubano

Popular not only in Cuba but also in Florida where there is a large Cuban population – Café Cubano is a straight mixture of espresso and demerara sugar. The result is a very sweet, almost viscous coffee that won’t win any awards for its nutritional benefits but is undoubtedly a fantastic early morning pick-me-up.


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