Celebrate National Burger Day

Do you need an excuse to eat as many burgers as possible? Do you want one anyway?

Thursday 27th August is Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day and it is certainly something we should all take advantage of. It has become one of the tastiest trends after taking social media by storm; over 300 restaurants have jumped on board to provide 20% off their menus for one day only.

In case you were wondering, the hamburger as we know it today was not a German creation but remains very much an icon and invention of the US. Americans as a result have been having boundless amounts of beefy fun every year on National Burger Day. So, two years ago, Mr Hyde was launched with one desire - to give the patty its deserved accolade in the UK.

In spirit of this great event we thought we would bring you our line up of the best burgers coming to a festival near you!

Original Patty Men

Where you can find them: The Big Feastival, Digbeth Dining Club and Mac Birmingham’s outdoor cinema screening of Pulp Fiction on September 4th.

Heralding from the West Midlands, these Birmingham boys know how to cook the perfect ‘pink ‘n’ juicy’ beef patties and won Best Burger in the British Street Food Awards 2014 . You have to taste their creative take on Pulp Fiction’s Big Kahuna Burger – a 35 day aged longhorn steak burger with pineapple, cheese and bacon!

Lucky Chip

Where you can find them: Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day Party, Abra Kebabra

National Burger Day will see the launch of the mighty and the mocking, Donald Trump Burger by Lucky Chip. See if you can spot the similarities for yourself in the aged beef patty with bourbon and vanilla BBQ sauce, apple wood smoked and American cheese with onions.

Beefy Boys

Where you can find them: Grillstock Festival and The Left Bank, Hereford

Nothing looks more terrifyingly impressive than the Beefy Boy Triple Burger. It does what it says on the tin it’s three thirds of a pound of prime beef topped with a blend of cheeses in a sourdough brioche bun. This six-strong team of Herefordshire meat connoisseurs won the Best Burger in the UK and reached the finals of the prestigious World Food Championships in Las Vegas.

Gone Burger

Where you can find them: Foodies Festival

If you’re lucky enough to beat the queues for Gone Burger and order their mouth-watering organic beef topped with their homemade Whiskey smoked BBQ sauce, you won’t be forgetting them in a hurry. Check out the Kickflip and the 5.0, their most popular burgers but if you want an explosion of flavours the legendary Master of Disaster combines both recipes into one.


Where you can find them: Grillstock Festival, Taste of London and their various restaurants throughout the UK.

With humble beginnings, from the mere MeatWagon in 2009, the popularity for MEATliquor’s burgers and a little bit of alcohol too has catapulted this independent business into a chain of restaurants. A highlight of the menu is definitely their Dead Hippie Burger, and you have to taste it to understand the beauty of its secret sauce atop two mustard fried beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions.

The Wild Game Co. 

Where you can find them: London’s street food festivals

Never mind a beef burger why not place a venison burger on top as well as some double cheese, bacon, béarnaise and red onion mustard – well that’s exactly what The Wild Game Co thought. The Veni Moo burger is a must try and has been trending on London’s street food festival scene this year.



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