Cocktails and Creatures

Move aside cat cafés; could owl cocktail bars be the new trend?

Annie is an owl. We love owls, you love owls, everyone loves cute little owls, and you know what everyone loves an equal amount – cocktails! Now some genius has combined the two. Taking inspiration from the Japanese owl cafés and creating a cocktail bar that wouldn’t be out of place in Harry Potter.  Like all good things, this is not a permanent fixture; Annie the Owl will be popping up for one week only (19th-25th March) in a secret location in London’s Soho.

Expect cocktails to ruffle your feathers, like Owl-presso Martini, The Hoot and the Annie Collins. Expert mixologists shimmy, shake and muddle while drinkers chill out with the owls. The bar will be open from twilight for the comfort of our feathered friends, what with them being nocturnal an all. Any earlier would just be cruel. How would like an owl trying to engage you in conversation at 3am (if you could speak owl that is!)

All the owls promise to be well-behaved – they’ve been fully briefed on human-kind and will be accompanied by trained handlers – and all proceeds from the pop-up will go towards helping Barn Owls in the UK.

Tickets are just £20 for two hours with Annie and her feathered friends and two tasty cocktails. But before you get all of a flutter, these tickets are balloted. Well, it’s cocktails and owls what did you expect? Naturally everyone wants a piece of the action (more specifically it’s around 44,000 people last time we checked) so lucky customers will be randomly chosen to attend this most special of events in March. You can enter your details here


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