Beer festivals come in all shapes and sizes, from a knees-up at your local pub to a full-scale CAMRA event complete with field, marquees and live music. Whatever form they take the emphasis is always firmly on craft.

Ale and beer are beverages we are very proud of here in Blighty, dating back hundreds of years. The Benedictine monks of yore would be proud of their legacy and continued celebration of artfully crafted ales.    

A beverage of this calibre and history deserves our full attention and appreciation. Ale is far from a mere tipple, it’s the drink of our nation, and comes in various brews, flavours and ages. Beer festivals offer time to share our love of the humble hop and introduce our favourite cask ales to friends and family, often to the accompaniment of live music.

The Great British Beer Festival is currently the UK’s largest beer celebration, founded in 1977 and organised by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). Among the bevy of beer festivals there are those that have been running for decades, like the Ealing Beer Festival and brand new events popping up all the time.

It’s not unusual to find ale-loving festival organisers teaming their events with complementary foodstuffs, like the ever-popular combo of beer and sausages and of course beer and cider go hand in hand; often where you find real ale, you’ll find real cider too.  Tankards ahoy! 

Please note, only festivals from today's date are shown below.

York Beer & Cider Festival

Bigger, better, boozier...


York Food and Drink Festival - Autumn

Don’t be a dork, head to York!


Shropshire Oktoberfest

Don your lederhosen and make your way to the brand new Shropshire Oktoberfest this autumn.


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